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Gifts to nonprofits from individuals, corporations and foundations in the U.S. total about $300 billion per year, about 22% of all nonprofit revenue, with a total of $1.4 trillion total revenues.  The other 78% consists of program service revenue at 67% and a variety of other income streams at 11%.


Industry challenges include:

  • Understanding and managing costs, including reporting and budget tracking.
  • Day to day financial operations with full transparency.
  • Efficiently operating with inexperienced staff.
  • Measuring marketing efforts to ensure relevance to donors and a focus on ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Ensuring that the appropriate IT systems and processes are in place for now, while planning for future growth.


Some of the ways that FLEX Consulting can help:

  • Outsourced accounting can help you to cut costs and work 1:1 with the executive directors to provide visibility into financial statements, invoices, and financial data analysis to answer management questions.  With our cloud-based solution, having our team handle your accounting needs remotely saves you time and money.   
  • We provide that executive level advisement that most non-profits need but can’t afford when dealing with larger CPA firms. 
  • Market-facing services including corporate and donor analysis, fundraising diversification strategies and planning to prioritize growth & stability in new opportunities.
  • Let us help you make informed decisions.  Operational auditing, optimization, cost savings and growth are areas in which we excel and have deep experience. Additionally, FLEX Consulting is available to help manage operations, allowing nonprofits to focus on fundraising and community outreach.
  • Resource and hiring services, including estimating the total cost of onboarding a new employee or consultant, determining the timeline for ROI (Return On Investment) and a longer-term valuation employee value to efficiency, stability and profitability.


How we've helped others:

  • Capital Area Animal Response Team is a non-profit that specializes in large animal rescue in Wisconsin. FLEX Consulting created the initial start-up assessment and five-year business plan, and implemented operational processes to drive continued growth in services and training in the region. We also acted as liaison coordinator between the founders, Board of Directors, Government licensing boards, rescue training vendors, Board of Directors, Council Vet and Fire/EMS/Law Enforcement SME's during the establishment of the team.