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Manufacturing is currently being revolutionized by changing technology and distribution options while being challenged by tight margins, new regulations and a shortage of skilled labor.


Industry challenges include:

  • Embracing technological advances such as real-time augmented reality to improve plant productivity and safety, compete against rivals, maintain an edge with customers and generate new revenue streams.
  • Implementing data driven platforms where customers, designers, and operators share information on everything from concepts to installation, creating a near-time feedback loop.
  • Implementing on-demand supply chain while providing virtual work instructions at point the of use
  • Implementing The IoT (Internet of Things) that is driving today's connected factory.  Using the power of the web to link machines, sensors, computers, systems, and humans in order to enable new levels of information monitoring, collection, processing, and analysis.  Connecting real-time production lines with factories around the world.
  • Users follow text, graphics, audio, and other virtual enhancements as they follow complex tasks on the production floor.  Provides for hands free training, faster maintenance requests, easier inventory tracking, increased safety, and new revenue streams for industrial manufacturing firms.   


Some of the ways that FLEX Consulting can help: 

  • Help you understand how new technology can impact revenue and performance.  This includes optimization of staffing and incentive models, valuation of increased capabilities vs additional cost of implementation, and analysis of projected revenues and costs moving forward. 
  • Operational auditing that includes cost containment measures, employee ROI, and full analysis of cost and pricing models.
  • Supply chain auditing of vendors and processes for pricing, quality, and regular sourcing improvement.
  • Reduce operational expenses and increase focus by allowing FLEX Consulting to manage HR, Payroll, Accounting, and operations.
  • Business Development services can help with expansion financing, re-tooling a supply chain, seeking concessions from state and local governments and locating skilled labor.
  • Creation or updating of a business plan, including full profit and loss analysis, risk/reward analysis and financial milestone creation.