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Getting Started

The FLEX Consulting Initial Engagement process, also known as the Discovery Process, is used to set the stage for success.  It provides us with opportunity to understand overall business or financial context and uncover opportunities for added value that might have remained hidden forever had we simply provided a transactional service. 

Discovery Process activities usually include:

  • Discuss the nature of challenges or goals.
  • Catalog key indicators, data, relationships, people, and situations.
  • Identify conditions for a desired outcome.
  • Determine the initial scope of how FLEX Consulting may help, including specific recommendations.
  • Provide an engagement proposal (Statement Of Work or Engagement Letter).
  • Telephone follow-up or onsite review of engagement options. 
  • Contract to move ahead with agreed-upon services.


For tax or small business accounting clients, the Discovery Process usually spans an hour or two and comes at no cost.  Sessions may be either in person or via the telephone.

For larger corporations or Enterprise clients, this process is more detailed, takes more time and analysis, and is conducted on an hourly rate dependent upon the expertise required

Solutions involving consulting engagements and business services can range from a few hours of work to years of working closely with our clients – FLEX Consulting is ready to engage in the manner which best suits each of our clients.